Red Cloud partners with The Journey Museum and NASA for education on solar system

The Journey Museum brings GeoDome to elementary and middle school students

posted on November 21, 2011

Red Cloud K-8 students were given the opportunity on November 7, 2011 to learn about the solar system and its many discoveries. Krista Testin, who coordinates the travel and presentation of the planetarium, works with the NASA Journey Into Space Program and holds an office and The Journey Museum in Rapid City, South Dakota. The GeoDome program is provided free of charge to any school within 150 miles of Rapid City through a grant received by The Journey Museum.

Carol Krotz, Title I teacher at Red Cloud had previously taken students to a state conference where the GeoDome was present and they were fascinated with it. After doing research on the dome, Krotz took the suggestions to the Red Cloud Middle School Principal Jennifer Sierra and to other teachers who agreed the GeoDome would be a great experience for the students.

Each class had a designated time to participate in the presentation and time periods were adequately increased for the older students.

“I went in with the first grade and kindergarten and the delight and excitement they exuded was such an affirmation that it was worth all the work it took to get it here,” says Krotz.

Students were shown demonstrations such as the process of the lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, the position of the sun during different times of the year and which stars shine brightest during the process of the year.

After school, an invitation for Parent Involvement Night for the Title I students and their families was offered. At this time families were allowed to take part in the GeoDome and various hands on projects. The school library provided a collection of literature for reading. Several parents talked about Lakota Star Knowledge storytelling in reference to the stars, planets, moon and sun. They were grateful for the chance to participate.