Get to Know Our Graduates!

posted on May 15, 2013

We sat down with some of our seniors to to see what their plans were after graduation, what their favorite thing about being a Crusader was, and what dreams they have for their bright future! For our first installment in the series we have January, Mickie, and Tatiana!
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Name: January Tobacco
Hometown: Pine Ridge Area, SD
Best Part of Red Cloud:  “The Educational values and priorities. Students actually want to work for their education here.”
Scholarships/Awards:  Full-Ride Stanford Scholarships, Local Business Plan Award, Br. Dennis Ryan S.J. Memorial Scholarship, Casandra J. Pine WAZI Memorial Scholarship
Post-Secondary Education: Stanford University
Major: Political Science
Dream: To work as a Congressperson in Washington, D.C. or with Oglala Sioux Tribal Government

Name: Mickie Hudspeth
Hometown: Oglala, SD
Best Part of Red Cloud: “It’s comfortable here and close to home. I’ve been here my whole life and it’s part of who I am.”
Scholarships/Awards: Our Lady of Sioux Scholarship, Augustana College Diversity Scholarship, Accepted to Crazy Horse/Indian University Summer Program, Completing the Circle Scholarship
Post-Secondary Education: Augustana College
Major: Nursing
Dream: To get certified as a midwife and work at Indian Health Services in Pine Ridge, SD.

Name: Tatiana Stands
Hometown: Oglala, SD
Best Part of Red Cloud: “Being able to get a good education. There are so many opportunities and scholarships available because of the resources that are provided.”
Scholarships/Awards: Johnson & Wales Scholarships, Security First Bank Scholarship, Golden West Scholarship, Hesemeyer Scholarship, Carol Jacobs Memorial Scholarship, Completing the Circle Scholarship
Post-Secondary Education: Johnson & Wales University
Major: Business and Culinary Arts
Dream: To open her own restaurant and bakery in the area featuring dishes from around the country and world, with a touch of her Lakota culture.


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