Red Cloud Valentine's Day 

February 28, 2020


On Valentine's Day, we asked our community of supporters to send a Red Cloud student a Valentine's Day card with a message of support. The number of cards received was outstanding! We wanted to showcase these messages to our students -  we printed them out and hung them on the announcement boards in the schools. We wish to continue to showcase these messages of support from our donors to our students, as it is important for the students to know that they are always encouraged and cared for. Take a peek at the various messages!


 Valentine's 1


Valentine's 2


Valentine's 3 


Valentine's 4 


Valentine's 15


Valentine's 5


Valentine's 6


Valentine's 7


Valentine's 8


Valentine's 9


Valentine's 10


Valentine's 11


Valentine's 12


Valentine's 13


Valentine's 14




Photos © Red Cloud Indian School 


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Red Cloud Valentine's Day


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