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Guided tours engage students in a group discussion about Native artwork, while providing a multidisciplinary perspective on on arts’ natural connection to Social Studies, STEM education, culture, and language studies. Guided tours last 30-40 minutes for K-12 groups and are free of charge. These programs are standards-based and complement curricula in art, history, social studies, and language arts (South Dakota Common Core Teaching Standards), while also encouraging critical thinking and the development of higher-order processing skills. Download the Brochure.

Students will participate in an interactive, themed gallery tour facilitated by specially trained gallery educators. Students will compare and contrast their observations with those of their classmates; and consider how memory, communication, and previous experiences may impact their observations.

Guided tours last about 35-40 minutes and include a hands-on educational activity (Maximum 25 students per tour). Guided tours are free of charge.

Guided tours engage students in discussion about the artwork and its relation to historical events and/or STEM education topics; while encouraging critical thinking and the development of higher-order processing skills and visual literacy.
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Current Tour Offered:

"Art of Observation & Visual Thinking" (Recommended for grades K-12)

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Please contact The Heritage Center at 605/867-8257 or email for information on content and common core teaching standard integration within the tour.
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Self-Guided Tours:

Teacher-led tours are permitted in the gallery. We highly recommend that educators preview exhibitions prior to the group visit to ensure the content in each gallery is age appropriate. Download the Brochure.

Tour Reservation Policy:

Guided Tours must be reserved at least one week prior to the visit. Groups arriving without a reservation are not guaranteed a guided tour. Click to Schedule a Tour.

Special Needs:

Help us create an inclusive program. Please inform us in advance of any students with cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities in your group. We will do our best to adapt the program to best meet everyone’s needs.


Please be courteous. All tour cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact the The Heritage Center for all cancellations.

Traveling By Bus:

Complimentary bus parking is available directly in front of The Heritage Center. Bus parking after 1:00 pm is located at the Paul “Dizzy” Trout Field House parking lot, next to the Red Cloud High School building.

Transportation Grants:

The South Dakota Arts Council provides Excursion Grants that may assist with the transportation cost to The Heritage Center. The Excursion Program provides matching funds to South Dakota organizations to assist in transportation costs for taking K-12 students and persons with disabilities to programs co-sponsored by the South Dakota Arts Council in another town.  

Please visit the link below for more information about eligibility, deadlines, and the application form.

Guest and Chaperones not traveling by bus:

Complimentary parking is provided for additional guests traveling with school groups. Parking is located at the Paul “Dizzy” Trout Field House parking lot, next to the Red Cloud High School Building. Guests parked in front of The Heritage Center after 12:30 will become blocked in due to Red Cloud buses.

The Heritage Center Manners:

In order for you and your students to have a wonderful experience at The Heritage Center, please remind your students to follow these center manners:

    • When entering the gallery please speak in a low (inside) voice.
    • Photography is not permitted inside the gallery.
    • Do not touch the works of art.
    • When “hands-on” objects are passed around, handle them gently and pass them promptly so that all may have a chance to see.
    • Food, drink, & gum are not permitted in the gallery.
    • No running or pushing.
    • Please be sure that all students stay with the group.

Teacher and Chaperones Expectations:

For the safety of students, The Heritage Center requires student groups to be accompanied at all times by a teacher or chaperone. Please help us provide you and your students with a good experience.

Teachers and chaperones are expected to ensure that students behave appropriately and are mindful of other gallery guests. Download the "Before you Arrive Guide".

Additional Expectations:

  • Cell phones set on silent or turned off during the tour.
  • Avoid side conversations, including cell phone conversations, which may be disruptive to the students’ enjoyment and learning experience.
  • Keep students with group at all times and appropriately handle any disruptive students.
  • Assure food, drink, candy and chewing gum are left outside the museum.
  • Please prepare students to raise their hand and wait to be called on before asking questions.


For more information:

Please contact The Heritage Center at 605/867-8257 or email