Art Show, 2010

The 43rd Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show was held at The Heritage Center from June 6 to August 15, 2010 and featured nearly 200 pieces from over 50 Native American artists. Prizes were awarded to winners in 24 different categories.

Merit Awards
Division I - Painting

1. Hoka Skenandore, Assumptions 

2. Denton Lafferty, White Buffalo Vision

Division II - Drawing

1. Wade Patton, Waiting 

2. Lauren Good Day Frank, Blessing of the Children

Division III - Graphics

1. Roger Broer, Them Bones 

2. Gordon Coons, Water Monster 315

Division IV - Photography / Computer Generated

1. Galen LaRoche, Home…Such As It Is 

2. Jolynne Locust-Woodcock, Leksi

Division V - Mixed Media

1. Dwayne Wilcox, In The Days of Cut Meat 

2. Angela Babby, Real American

Division VI - Three Dimensional

1. Cecil Apple, Native Ball 

2. Ed Thomas, Eagle in Flight

Division VII - Contemporary or Traditional Cultural Items

1. Bev (Bear King) Moran, Thunderball-A Horse Mask of the Hunkpapa Lakota 

2. Diane Hudson, Tiole Bag

Br. CM Simon, SJ Award
for artwork to be used in publications in the following years show

Micah Wesley, Voyeur of Utter Destruction, Pt. 1

The Joëlle and Nicolas Rostkowski Award
for the best abstract painting

Denton Lafferty, They Walked the Red Road

Diederich Award
for young artist whose work shows the greatest improvement

Henry Payer

Diederich Award
for the best depiction of a traditional Lakota

Keith Brave Heart, When All You Have is the Warmth of a Wood Stove and Your Grandfather's Last Name

Diederich Landscape Award
for the Black Hills / Badlands, no human figures

Angela Babby, Sheep Mountain

Diederich Landscape Award
for lakes, mountains, prairies, no human figures

Joe Pulliam, Buffalo Spirit

Savage / Zuern Award
most innovative use of traditional methods and techniques

Brian Szabo, Buffalo Skull

The Bonnie Erickson Award
for the best representation of children

Lauren Good Day Frank, A Mother’s Prayer

The Francis Hornikel Award
for artwork depicting the best sense of humor

Dwayne Wilcox, Ah-Ho

The Aplan Award
for the outstanding young artist

Charles Her Many Horses

In Honor of Jim Gillihan Award for the realistic rendering of a Native American on horseback

Gale Running Wolf, Night Snow Warrior

Oscar Howe Memorial Award for the most cutting edge artwork

America Meredith, Machine Gun Nest

Allan and Joyce Niederman Award
for the most traditional painting

Angela Reddest, Everybody Pow-Wow

The Powers Award
for the best representation of Native American women

Lauren Good Day Frank, Passing Time, Passing Knowledge

Tony Begay Memorial Award for most explicit development of an Native American theme

Todd Bordeaux, Victory at Greasy Grass

The Bill and Sue Hensler Award
for the traditional representation in sculpture

Eddie Dukepoo, Hopi Hano Mana

The ML Woodard Award
for the painting, drawing/sketch depicting the most developed Native American theme

Diana Hudson, Night Camp