Art Show, 2011

The 44th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show was held at The Heritage Center from June 5 to August 14, 2011 and featured more than 150 pieces from over 50 Native American artists. Prizes were awarded to winners in 24 different categories.

Merit Awards
 Division I - Painting

1. Donald Ruleaux (Oglala Lakota),
Broken Rein
2. Dyani Reynolds-White Hawk (Rosebud Sioux),
A Heathen's Penance (The Imposed Load)

Division II - Drawing

1. Dwayne Wilcox (Oglala Lakota),
Hope None of My Kolas See Me Holding Your Purse
2. Wade Patton (Oglala Lakota),

Division III - Graphics

1. America Meredith (Cherokee Nation),
2. Gordon M Coons (Ojibwa),
Leader Blanket

Division IV - Photography / Computer Generated

1. Wade Patton (Oglala Lakota),
Native New Yorker
2. Galen La Roche (Sicangu Lakota),
Mahpiya Ta Sa Hanepi Waste Ki le

Division V - Mixed Media

1. Marty Two Bulls Jr. (Oglala Lakota),
The Negotiations of Youth
2. Jessie Palczewski (Cheyenne River Sioux),

Division VI - Three Dimensional

1. Dwayne Wilcox (Oglala Lakota),
Put Your Buffalo Thinking Hats On
2. Marty Two Bulls Sr. (Oglala Lakota),
So That We All May Live

Division VII - Contemporary or Traditional Cultural Items

1. Anthony F Horse Road (Lakota),
Wakicaga Wanna
2. Marty Cuny (Oglala Lakota), They Will Sing Songs About Us II

Br. CM Simon, SJ Award
 for artwork to be used in publications in the following years show

Marty Two Bulls Jr. (Oglala Lakota),
Accusare Nemo Se Debet Nisi Coram Deo

The Joëlle and Nicolas Rostkowski Award
 for the best abstract painting

Henry Payer Jr. (Winnebago),
You Can See it In His Face

Diederich Award 
for young artist whose work shows the greatest improvement

Jessie Palczewski (Cheyenne River Sioux)

Diederich Award 
for the best depiction of a traditional Lakota

Marty Two Bulls Sr. (Oglala Lakota),
So That We All May Live

Diederich Landscape Award 
for the Black Hills / Badlands, no human figures

Galen La Roche (Sicangu Lakota),
Fishing For Reflections

Diederich Landscape Award 
for lakes, mountains, prairies, no human figures

Jackie Sevier (Northern Arapaho),
Canyons West

Savage / Zuern Award 
most innovative use of traditional methods and techniques

Kevin Pourier (Oglala Lakota),
4 Generations and 4 Gigs of Memory

The Bonnie Erickson Award
 for the best representation of children

Angela Babby (Oglala Lakota),
Dentalium Diva

The Francis Hornikel Award
 for artwork depicting the best sense of humor

Keith Brave Heart (Lakota),
When You Go To Sturgis

The Aplan Award 
for the outstanding young artist

Michael Elizondo Jr (Southern Cheyenne)

In Honor of Jim Gillihan Award for the realistic rendering of a Native American on horseback

Katherine Gayton (Sioux), Searching For Buffalo

Oscar Howe Memorial Award for the most cutting edge artwork

Marty Two Bulls Jr. (Oglala Lakota)

Allan and Joyce Niederman Award
 for the most traditional painting

Joseph Pulliam (Oglala Lakota),

The Powers Award 
for the best representation of Native American women

John Isaiah Pepion (Blackfeet),
Moving Camp Towards Birch Creek For The Spring

Tony Begay Memorial Award for most explicit development of an Native American theme

Diana K Hudson (Rosebud Sioux),

The Bill and Sue Hensler Award 
for the traditional representation in sculpture

Cecil Apple (Oglala Lakota),
Iktomi and The Ducks

The ML Woodard Award
 for the painting, drawing/sketch depicting the most developed Native American theme

Martin Red Bear (Sicangu/Oglala Lakota),
Dancing Butterflies