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Whether it’s our youngest students learning in the Lakȟóta language, or an artist sharing their work for the first time in our gallery—or our pastoral staff traveling hours each week to offer support to communities across the reservation— there’s always something inspiring happening at Red Cloud. At Red Cloud, we celebrate intellectual and spiritual growth and Lakȟóta culture—including language, ceremony, and visual arts—to create transformational opportunities for our community. This series of new videos offers a glimpse into all the exciting work happening on our campuses, in The Heritage Center, and in our six churches each and every day.


Red Cloud Schools
Red Cloud Schools, including our Lady of Lourdes School, provide a holistic education that combines this cultural exploration with rigorous academics and personal and spiritual growth. We believe this approach, rooted in Lakȟóta and Jesuit traditions, prepares students to forge their own paths and actively contribute to a more just and vibrant future for all.

Lakȟóta Immersion Dual Language Immersion
After launching the nation’s first comprehensive K-12 Lakȟóta language curriculum over a decade ago, Red Cloud Indian School has taken another momentous step in its language revitalization work. Last year we shifted to a dual-language education model, to use the Lakȟóta language as the medium of education across all grade levels. This change will transform the educational experiences of Red Cloud and Our Lady of Lourdes students, and directly support broader efforts across our community to empower a new generation of fluent Lakȟóta speakers.

Serving the Community: Pastoral Ministry
With six active churches, our pastoral ministry team serves more than 800 families on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation through religious education, youth ministry, recovery ministry and leadership development.

Celebrating Native Arts at The Heritage Center
Through the work of The Heritage Center, Red Cloud works to honor Native art and to expand opportunities for Native artists. We offer meaningful creative and economic opportunities for Oglala Lakȟóta artists, develop innovative, arts-based educational programs to increase the public’s understanding of Native art and Lakȟóta culture, and preserve generations of Indigenous art through our permanent collection.

Addressing our History: Truth & Healing
As a former Indian boarding school, Red Cloud was one of over 350 institutions created in the nineteenth century to eliminate Indigenous cultures which have inflicted untold trauma on generations of indigenous people. This year Red Cloud launched a Truth & Healing Initiative to openly acknowledge our own boarding school history, grieve the tragic injustices in our own past, and commit to addressing that history with honesty and humility.

Nourishing our Community: Farm to School
Access to nourishing foods is essential to sustaining a healthy community. And knowledge of traditional, Indigenous methods of food production supports a deeper understanding of culture. That’s why Red Cloud has launched the first Farm to School program on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Volunteerism at Red Cloud
From helping Red Cloud’s youngest students to read their first words, to guiding middle school students in exploring robotics and computer coding, to launching a new farm-to-school initiative and helping to lead Red Cloud’s first Lakȟóta language immersion classroom, every day the members of the Oyate Teča Wauŋspekiya Program work tirelessly to serve students and families and to support Red Cloud’s work to provide an education rooted in equality and social justice.

Supporting our Infrastructure: Capital Projects
Red Cloud infrastructure—its buildings and grounds across the reservation—create the spaces in which our students can learn and grow, where our staff make their homes, where our artists can share their work, our parishioners can worship, and so much more. While we create a new master plan for the institution, we are continuing to make infrastructure improvements to maximize energy efficiency, expand housing ability, and create safe and healthy spaces where our community can thrive.

Office of Graduate Success: Alumni
Red Cloud Office of Graduate Success is headed by January Tobacco '13—she makes sure all Red Cloud students are prepared for life after high school and helps them with the transition from home to wherever their life path leads them. January takes care in providing lasting support and services to all of our wonderful students and alumni.



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