Celebrating Red Cloud's Class of 2020

Every graduating class at Red Cloud is special—but the class of 2020 has truly achieved the extraordinary. Not only did they meet the challenges of their academic journey, but they did so as the Pine Ridge community, and the entire country, worked to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the obstacles that faced them, including transitioning almost instantly to distance learning and being separated from their teachers and friends, they overcame it all. Through these videos, please join us in celebrating all their amazing accomplishments. Taŋyáŋ ečhánuŋpi! (Congratulations!)


Feather Blessing—Each spring, a feather blessing ceremony is held, and each senior receives a feather honoring all their accomplishments while also signaling a major step in their lives and a responsibility to take a new leadership role among their people. Most years this is held as a community gathering, and a family member or loved one ties the feather into the hair of their graduating senior. While this year we were not able to gather as a community, our staff came together to continue this important tradition in a virtual form.  

Awards—Members of the senior class receive awards and scholarships in recognition of all their hard work.  

Graduation Ceremony—This spring, despite the many challenges facing us as a result of the pandemic, our school staff did an extraordinary job planning a celebration for Red Cloud’s class of 2020. On Friday, May 29, Red Cloud High School hosted a special graduation parade. While families had to remain in their vehicles to honor public health regulations, each senior was able to process through Red Cloud’s campus to receive their diploma, awards, and graduation gifts from our President, Superintendent, and High School Principal and Vice Principal. Our staff lined up according to social distancing requirements to applaud each senior as they officially graduated.  

Valedictorian & Salutatorian Speeches—Hear our two valedictorians and salutatorian share their reflections on their time at Red Cloud and their hopes for the future.  



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