Honoring Academic Achievement

April 12, 2019





Recognizing our students’ achievements, both inside and outside the classroom, is a part of every day at Red Cloud. But twice a year, at the end of the fall and spring semesters, our high school students and faculty gather all together for an official celebration of academic success. They cheer for those students who have been awarded gold and silver academic honors—for maintaining a grade point average of over 3.0. Others are honored for improving their grades significantly, for specific achievements in key subjects like science and Lakota language, and for maintaining a clear attendance record.

It’s an opportunity not just to celebrate success, but to bond together as a community in support of one another. During this winter’s celebration, Lakota Studies teacher Russ Cournoyer and the student drum group played an honor song, in recognition of all the hard work and dedication Red Cloud students have brought to their education. And longtime Lakota language teacher Philomine Lakota also sang an honor song, telling each student present, “we’re proud of you…every one of you.”

Congratulations to all those students honored!



Gold Honor Roll for First Semester, 2018-19

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Kogen Y. Ava K. Chase B. Raina G.
Tierra B. Riyen C. Keira R. Allison R.
Echo E. Paisley S. Wohpe B. Amy F.
Sierra W. Mateja S. Jordan D. Mia M.
Nevra M. Rachel T. Dontae C. Suzanah T.
Maya F. Lily D. Ryan H. Tawny R.
Paris L. Amber P. Jarron B. Ronald R.
Lyric F. Julia R. Stevi F. Trinity R.
Brianna V. Tristin C. Tokatawin I. JayShaun M.
Kianna B.   Olowan R. Beau Big C.
Isabella L.   Jetta T. Hehaka S.
Timothy W.   Tyler S. Cheree F.
Kassandra C.   Nicole H. Zoe P.
Mary C.   Sharissa H. Chevelle P.
Alejandro R.   Frederick L. Angelina L.
Griffey B.   Athena C. Jace T.
Talia S.   Joece M. Justina P.
Rayhan C.   Louis P. Tionna L.
Zoe M.   Shilo Y. Wacey C.
Malia F.   Elizabeth W.  
    Jaeden L.  
    Kaylee L.  
    Wahpe T.  
    Lyric C.  
    Danaye M.  
    Joaquina P.  
    Katelyn S.  
    Janna S.  
    Shyrah W.  
    Elise P.  
    Angelina G.  



Silver Honor Roll for First Semester, 2018-19

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Nevaeh R. Jacobie K. Kylie R. Maranda R.
Dorian B. Craig Y. Francis M. Abigail V.
Jalen C. Zinzii B. Calvin B. Rubi G.
Carrie P. Cante S. Arrow B. Clayton A.
Shaparis C. Arlen B. Mariah J. Thalia R.
Jordianja C. Wicahpi C. Moriah M. Gracie G.
JaShaun S.   Darrell Q. Eugene Y.
Charlee B.   Aliah S.  
Ashley E.   Aden C.  
Tyree G.   Tyler H.  
Tekuani M.   T'Rese S.  
Taylor H.   Beaux D.  
Ma'lea I.   Koytel B.  
Shaelynn C.      
Clarence C.      
Jevon H.      
Morgan L.      
Amara S.      
Jennifer R.      
Elizabeth R.      
Jeila S.      



Most Improved Student Awards

Kayja S.
Koytel B.
Kylie R.
Dennis W.
Samuel O.





Photos © Red Cloud Indian School



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