New royalty crowned at Red Cloud Indian School's T.W.O. Pow Wow

posted on November 27, 2012

by Christopher Ives

More than 400 people attended the Red Cloud Indian School’s T.W.O. Pow Wow on November 9th. Teca Wacipi Okolakiciye (T.W.O.), which translates into 'Youth Dance Club,' is an organization created for the schools. While most Pow Wow's happen during the summer and include anyone from the community, these Pow Wows there are held specifically during the school year for students. This gives students a chance to practice, compete, and build community with students from other schools. To date there are 16 schools that are represented.

Pictures from this Pow Wow can be found HERE.

Below is a list of the outgoing and incoming royalty from Red Cloud schools.

Red Cloud Schools

Outgoing Lil Miss Mahpiya Luta - Paisley Sierra
New Lil Miss Mahpiya Luta - Allison Richards

Outgoing Jr. Miss Mahpiya Luta - Shelby Pourier
New Jr. Miss Mahpiya Luta - Tristine Cross Dog

Outgoing Miss Mahpiya Luta - Savannah Frank
New Miss Mahpiya Luta - Davian Stands

Our Lady of Lourdes Schools

Ourgoing Lil Miss Winyan Wakan - Justina Pourier
New Lil Miss Winyan Wakan - Denae Mills

Outgoing Miss Winyan Wakan - Echo Ecoffey
New Miss Winyan Wakan - Echo Ecoffey



T.W.O. Pow Wow Schedule
Dec. 19th - Isna Wica Owayawa – Loneman School (@ Civic Center during LNI)
Jan. 11th - Waziahanhan Owayawa – Pine Ridge School
Jan. 18th - Tasunke Witco Owayawa - Crazy Horse School
Feb. 8th - Pahin Sinte Owayawa - Porcupine School
March 8th - St. Francis Indian School
April 5th - Taopi Cikala Owayawa - Little Wound School
May 3rd - Shannon County Schools (@ Rockyford – Finals)