Administrators serve annual Thanksgiving lunch to students

posted on November 20, 2012

by Christopher Ives

School administrators served students a Thanksgiving themed lunch on November 20th before the start of Thanksgiving vacation. Red Cloud Indian School President, Fr. George Winzenburg, S.J. was in attendance serving gravy, while Executive Vice President, Robert Brave Heart Sr. supplied hungry students with stuffing.

Superintendent of Schools, Ted Hamilton provided a side of corn, and Moira Peckskamp, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, served up the sweet potatoes.

“I think it’s much better having them here,” says Bella Rodrigez, a 7th grader here at Red Cloud. “I think it’s pretty cool,” agrees Cole James Beane, also in 7th grade.

Each year school administrators come together around the holidays to join students in celebration and giving thanks. “Our leadership has found a unique opportunity for ‘service to others’ and it is usually a fun surprise for the students,” said Colleen McCarthy, Vice President for External Affairs.

“I think they should serve us everyday!” says Paisley Sierra, a smiling 5th grader, as she collects a dinner roll in the lunch line. While the administration will not be joining the lunch team full time, having them serve the school for this meal is a fun reminder that this is a season of thanks and good will.