Shannon County Speech Contest results

posted on November 14, 2012

by Christopher Ives

The students of Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School placed as follows:

Lower Elementary:
Kindergarteners took 3rd place
1st graders took 1st place
2nd graders took 1st place
3rd graders took 1st place
4th graders took 2nd place.

Upper Elementary:
In Duet Memorized Interpretation:
5th Graders, Marissa Brave Bird and Katerri Weston came in 1st place while Julia Reddest and Jasmine Twiss came in 2nd place
7th Graders, Joy Twiss and Annissia Pourier came in 2nd place
In 8th Grade, Mackenzie Gibbons and Mia Twiss took 1st place!

In Reading Category - Serious Interpretation of Drama:
6th Grader, Alaunna Metcalf won 1st place
8th Graders, Tarah Temple came in 2nd place and Maioha Kingi in 1st place!

In Reading Category - Poetry:
6th Grader, Echo Ecoffey won 1st place
7th Grader, Pte San Win Little White Man also won 1st place
8th Grader, Samaya Blacksmith came in 2nd place

In Reading Category - Humorous:
5th Grader, Asa Steele came in 2nd place
6th Grader, Cetan Ducheneaux won 1st place
and 8th Grader, Chanda Lays Bad came in 2nd place

Congratulations also to Clayton Lafferty, Clancy Clifford, Calob Two Hearts, Jason Pettigrew, Stephanie Kills Back, Jasmine Derby, and Summer Montileaux on all their hard work as well!

Students at Mackert Elementary School placed as follows:

The students of Ms. Gretchen's fourth grade speech team, comprised of Walter Cross Dog, Beau Big Crow, Joece Murdock, Manuel Tyon and Sharissa Haas placed first for their speech and power point presentation on dinosaur fossils found in the badlands. "We learned a lot more about dinosaurs from doing the project," says Beau Big Crow. "I'd love to do participate again, we were able to use a flash drive and powerpoint."

The team all agreed they were nervous to present their project, and gave thanks to their teacher for her help as their coach. "We coudln't have done it without Ms. Gretchen," says Manuel Tyon.