Superheroes take Red Cloud by storm

posted on July 18, 2012

Summer students from grades 3-5 recently transformed themselves into living avatars of their own design, as Red Cloud and Our Lady of Lourdes observed “Superhero Week”.

The weeklong event (one week at each of the two elementary schools) took place during the first week of summer school.

We spoke with four students who filled us in on the secrets and intrigues of their double lives as superheroes. The students were: Beau Big Crow ’21 (AKA Tornado Warrior), Isabelle Garcia ’20 (AKA Friendly Snowflake), Angelina Garnier ’21 (AKA Angel Breath Warrior), and Henrietta Nava ’21 (AKA Butterfly Blizzard).

The students – a selection of the over 60 children who took part in the experience – reported that they came up with their own characters with help from their “mentors”. They referred to these adults only by their superhero names: Storming Sunflower, Laughing Moon, and Fresh Jellyfish. They also designed and created their own unique (and often wonderfully unusual) costumes.

When asked how they had come up with the names of their alternate personas, the students said that they had first chosen one of the following four elements: wind, earth, light, and water. Their superhero identity fit into one of these categories, as evidenced by their chosen name (Tornado Warrior – wind, Fresh Jellyfish – water, etc.).

Their daily activities included various heroic situations, a daylong “Adventure Day”, and an evening of exciting and character-building activities that parents were encouraged to come to. Every activity would include a roll call of superheroes (including their names, and how they specifically use their powers to help people), and a collective “call of confidence”.

The students we interviewed gave an example of the unexpected challenges that the superheroes had to face: “We were eating breakfast when all of a sudden two monsters came in and put a big note on one of the benches that said, ‘Don’t touch!’ Three of the superheroes touched the bench anyway, and they turned into super-villains! Then we had to go through a challenge activity to get them turned back into superheroes!”

We are pleased to report that our heroes were successful.

The students hope that Superhero Week – which is the brainchild of volunteer Michael Mallon – will return next summer, as it has for the past couple of years. They said that it was one of the highlights of their summer school experience. It was particularly impressive to hear them recite the (fairly lengthy) Superhero Oath by heart, without missing a word.

Many thanks to our four young superheroes for taking the time to fill us in on their adventures and exploits!

A photo gallery from one of the superhero events can be viewed HERE.

A video of a superhero activity from a previous summer can be viewed HERE.