RCMS student accepted to summer program at Phillips Exeter Academy

posted on June 29, 2012

Red Cloud Middle Schooler Kallen Blacksmith will be one of 250 students taking part in a five-week summer program in Exeter, New Hampshire this summer.

Blacksmith, who just finished her seventh grade year, is enrolled in the Access Exeter program which starts July 1 and runs through early August.

Within the program, students take three courses in one of six thematic areas called “Clusters”: Project Exeter: A Greener Earth, The Land and the Sea, Problem-Solving: An Odyssey of the Mind, The Global Community, The Creative Arts, and Exeter C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation. In addition, each cluster participates in an off-campus educational excursion at some point during the summer.

Phillips Exeter Academy was founded by John Phillips in 1781, and continues to follow Phillips’ founding principles: “to unite goodness and knowledge in learning and to cultivate the minds and morals of students.”