Sister Mary-Jane celebrates 50 year jubilee

posted on May 11, 2012

Red Cloud’s own Sister Mary-Jane Hebert planned to observe the 50th anniversary of taking her vows as a nun in a low-key way, and without much fuss. Her Red Cloud family had different plans in store, however.

The first surprise for Sister Mary-Jane was a Mass of the Holy Spirit, held on campus at Holy Rosary Church, in which all the Red Cloud Elementary and Middle School students and staff turned out to celebrate her tremendous milestone. The highlight of the mass was when everyone sang “Lord of the Dance”, and a group of students got up and joyfully danced for Sister Mary-Jane whenever they got to the chorus.

Sister Mary-Jane thought that the mass was the only surprise, but there was more in store. As she went back over to the middle school (where she has taught religion for 24 years) to prepare for her afternoon classes, everybody else went over to the school lunchroom where the festivities were to continue.

Several large cakes were cut up, and punch was distributed to all attendees. When everything was in place, principal Jenny Sierra went to fetch Sister Mary-Jane with a clever ruse to lure her over to the cafeteria.

When they stepped into the room, Sister Mary-Jane was again stunned and left at a happy loss for words. When asked later about the surprise, she said, “This has been the best-kept secret…I had no idea!”

Throughout the party, Sister Mary-Jane chatted and reminisced with colleagues, and various students came up to greet her and add their words of congratulations and thanks.

True to form, Sister Mary-Jane was modest about all of the fuss, saying:

“I am absolutely overwhelmed [by all of this], but so very grateful. It is all very humbling.”

A photo gallery of the event can be found HERE.