Red Cloud students compete in reservation-wide science fair

posted on May 9, 2012

Red Cloud and Our Lady of Lourdes students from Kindergarten through eighth grade entered projects into the annual science fair that brings together work from the different schools across the Pine Ridge Reservation. Most student projects were created by individuals or groups of 2-3. A couple of projects were made by larger groups or, in two cases, entire classes.

Projects were judged on the following criteria: creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness of exploration, skill in creating project, and clarity of explanation. Each category included a range of possible point values.

The top honors that students took home were three “Best of the Best” awards. These were given to the following projects: “Bubble shapes” by Abby Garwood’s collective Kindergarten class, “Magic colors”, by Sister Darnell’s collective first grade class, and “DNA extraction” by a pair of Maria Moreno’s seventh graders – Taylor Brooks and Sadie Gourneau.

Other Red Cloud and OLL awardees include the following:

Second Grade

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Can we make a cloud?” – 221 points

Third Grade

FIRST TIER: “Body temperature change” – 164 points

FIRST TIER: “Search of long last bubble” – 130 points

SECOND TIER: “Two magnets as strong as one” – 117 points

Fourth Grade

FIRST TIER: “Salt water plant” – 171 points

FIRST TIER: “Rolling stone” – 160 points

FIRST TIER: “Rocket balloons” – 123 points

Fifth Grade

FIRST TIER: “Oobleck” – 183 points

FIRST TIER: “Blobs in bottle” – 182 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Major headache” – 217 points

Sixth Grade

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Dissolving eggshell” – 229 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Energy drinks” – 233 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Blood sugar test” – 247 points

Seventh Grade

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Making cheese” – 243 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Recycling paper” – 216 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Potato and lemon electricity” – 250 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Growth of beans in acid” – 237 points

Eighth Grade

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Cell phones and driving” – 218 points

FIRST TIER: “Depends diapers” – 197 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Condition of mold” – 215 points

GRAND PRIZE TIER: “Fast ice cream” – 200 points

Hats off to all of our young scientists!