OLL students become high-schoolers for a day

posted on February 24, 2012

Members of the eighth grade class from Our Lady of Lourdes traveled to Red Cloud’s main campus to spend a day learning firsthand about what it is like to be in high school. OLL teacher Sister Rita Ostry drove the ten students over in time to sit in on some morning classes.

When the group arrived, they were met by the high school Dean of Students, Robin Johnson. Johnson spoke to the students about high school life and expectations; including homework, school policies, and extra-curricular activities. Then it was time for the students to visit classes.

The eighth graders were divided into four groups, and they alternated among a selection of high school classes. Classes chosen for the experience included algebra, biology, composition, and Lakota language. During the last period of the morning, the students were spoken to by principal Jim Mattern. Their visit also included a visit to The Heritage Center. Red Cloud High School looks forward to welcoming these students as incoming freshmen in the fall!