Spring 2011 Red Cloud Country

Among the Lakota people, gratitude is one of the seven basic virtues. Another is generosity. Red Cloud is humbly grateful for your generous prayers and gifts that provided: 

Safe school buses

Our buses travel more than 1000 miles a day! During the winter months, you provided the extra fuel that enabled our volunteer bus drivers to go the extra miles to pick up our students in front of their homes, rather than stand out in the cold waiting for the bus. Wopila!

Healthy meals

Our students are able to focus on their studies because they are not focused on their stomachs. You provided a complete breakfast, a healthy lunch and an after-school snack. Wopila!

College visits

Your donations enabled us to bring our graduating seniors to visit some of their top choices for college, where they saw and heard firsthand what life after high school might be like. They’re on the road to a bright future! Wopila!

Drive and determination

Our seniors are busy writing essays for college applications and scholarships. Your prayers and encouraging words are propelling them forward, knowing that they have a whole community of people cheering them on. Wopila!