Team of staff members from Red Cloud Indian School begin planning for a new website

posted on February 28, 2011

Representatives from Red Cloud Indian School have been named to a web development task force charged with the planning and implementation of a new The team of people, who represent a cross-section of the organization—the three schools, pastoral ministry and The Heritage Center—will share ideas, collaborate on development and oversee the successful launch of the new website.

Ted Stephens III, director of communication, and Tashina Banks, director of database management, will lead the web development task force.

“As the organization evolved, so has our need to provide a rich, interactive experience for visitors to the Red Cloud website,” says Stephens. “Tashina and I are so pleased to have this team of people who have agreed to walk with us as we develop new content, design and functionality.”

Last month, Banks and Stephens met with members of the task force, as well as other staff from the Red Cloud community. The early meetings provided a number of perspectives and ideas, including leveraging social media like Facebook and integrating the Lakota language into the site.

“We walked away excited about the possibilities, and aware of the challenges that are ahead as we work on this project,” says Banks. “Key to the success of this website will be an evaluation of what type of information we really need on our website and putting a plan in place to make certain that Red Cloud has the capacity to ensure that all of that content—from text to calendars to photography—is updated and maintained regularly.”

“A number of people across the organization have already heard about the project, and are taking the time to offer suggestions,” adds Stephens. “We really appreciate the feedback.”

Members of the task force are:

  • Ann Marie Amiotte, Red Cloud Elementary School assistant principal
  • Tashina Banks, director of database management
  • Mary Bordeaux, The Heritage Center curator
  • Luke Hansen SJ, volunteer coordinator
  • Ron Kills Warrior, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School counselor
  • Theresa Lessert, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School principal
  • Leah Maltbie, Red Cloud High School art teacher
  • Tina Merdanian, director of institutional relations
  • Fr. Steve Sanford SJ, pastoral coordinator
  • Jennifer Sierra, Red Cloud Elementary School principal
  • Ted Stephens III, director of communication
  • Tim Sullivan, Red Cloud High School social studies teacher

The goal of the task force is to plan for and implement a website that accurately celebrates Red Cloud’s mission and unprecedented achievement across the organization, provides up-to-the-minute, accurate information to all visitors, and engages new friends and supporters by leveraging great storytelling, interactive technology and social media.

Staff and community members are also encouraged to reach out to task force members from their respective areas to share ideas.

Development of the new website will take approximately nine months. The organization plans to launch the new site by year’s end.