Wrestling season wrap-up

posted on March 01, 2011

The 2010-11 wrestling season has came to an end at Red Cloud High School as head coach Clay Leonard takes this time to reflect upon the season.

This year, the wrestling team had five seniors Lane Pourier, Steven DeWolfe, June You, Karl Eagle Bull and Terrance Clifford; all of which had an outstanding season during their last year as Crusaders.

Lane Pourier finished this year with 22 season wins, one tournament 1st place showing and a regional qualification in the 135lb division, bringing his high school career total to 32 wins. Steven Dewolfe had one 1st place tournament finish to add to his overall career wins of 47; June You, an exchange student from Korea finished with 22 wins and a regional tournament qualification in the 152lb division during his 2-year tenor at Red Cloud High School; Karl Eagle Bull had one 1st place tournament win which completed his career of 43 wins and Terrence Clifford will leave Red Cloud with his name in the record books as he finishes with 71 career wins (the 6th highest in Red Cloud history) and 6 varsity Letters from the wrestling team as his career started in 7th grade.

“There were some wonderful times during the year,” says Clay Leonard wrestling head coach. “It was great to see the improvement of the wrestlers compared to the previous years.”

Other high school standouts to take the mat this year were juniors Sylas Running Eagle and Tyrell O’ Donnell, sophomore Weizhi Long and freshman Scott Two Bulls.

Sylas Running Eagle finished this year with 12 wins, 1-1st place tournament finish and a regional qualification in the 140lb division; Scott Two Bulls finished this season with 7 wins and one regional qualification in the 250lb division; and Weizhi Long, an exchange student from Japan finished with 6 wins.

“I will surely miss the seniors next year but I also look forward to those coming back, especially Scott Two Bulls who as a freshman showed some great potential this year,” says Leonard.

Clay Leonard who was assisted by Steve Summers and Brendon Vaca, helped to bring home 5 regional tournament qualifiers this season.