David Arredondo ’09


Oglala, South Dakota

Current Location

Black Hills State University


David Arredondo was a stellar student at Red Cloud High School, a recipient of numerous scholarships with a passion to write. After graduation in 2009, he accepted an offer to attend Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota, where he is currently studying journalism.

Asked and Answered

After your first semester of college, tell us what you think of it.

It’s really great. I have more freedom than I ever did before, like hanging out with my friends. But I am also doing my best to stay focused so that I can make the most out of this opportunity.

Why did you choose to attend Black Hills State University and how did you make that decision?

When I was still in high school, they sent me some information in the mail. I needed to study somewhere that would help me financially and I knew that I wanted to attend a university close to the reservation. After doing some research with my counselors at Red Cloud, I found that it was a good fit for me so I applied and got accepted. Plus they had the program I was looking for!

Why did you choose to study journalism?

I like to write. It’s as simple as that. I wanted to study something that I already enjoyed.

What was the transition into college like for you?

It’s been pretty easy I guess. The only real change is the racial demographic and the fact that it’s in a bigger town. During the first semester, I kept my head primarily focused on my education. I haven’t really been involved with anything else except that. I don’t want to mess around too much because I am paying for most of my education by myself and I want to make the most of it.

What are your plans for the future after college?

I can’t really say yet since it is only my first year in college and I may or may not find something better. For right now, I’m thinking that I want to write stories or even music reviews.

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