Sammi Herman ’07


Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Current Location

Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska


When 2007 graduate Sammi Herman was a senior in high school, she didn’t have a clue about what she wanted to do for college (completely understandable). In fact, she didn’t think college would be in her grasp. “I thought I was going into the Air Force,” she says. “But then, I got the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which would pay my college expenses. I knew then that I was on a path to academic excellence, and chose Creighton University to make my unimagined dreams a reality.”

Sammi is currently majoring in psychology.

Asked and Answered

How did you decide upon a major in psychology?

When I arrived at Creighton University, I took an Introduction to Psychology course as a pre-requisite, and really admired my professor for the way in which he talked about the field of psychology. He was so passionate about his work, and through real-world examples showed me how the therapy he provided patients made a difference in their lives. From that point on, I knew this field was ideal for me.

So what specifically interests you about the field of psychology?

Everything! Right now, I’m learning statistics. And understanding different psychological behaviors. Next year, I’ll participate in an internship that will give me an opportunity to see firsthand how the practice benefits all people.

What does it mean to you personally to have been awarded a Gates Millennium Scholar?

The Gates Scholarship has paid my entire tuition at Creighton—a lot of money that I didn’t have. I am so thankful to Bill and Melinda Gates, because they have given me a gift that I probably never could have given myself as a high school senior. With this scholarship, I’m able to dream big—I may even go after a doctorate degree someday.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I’m already looking into graduate school, because I’d need an advanced degree to participate in clinical studies.

What would you say to college freshmen interested in the field of psychology?

Get all A’s. Grades count big time in college if you want to go to graduate school. Creighton University is a great school. What do you like best about it? Everything. I like the atmosphere. My instructors are all amazing people. I have amazing friends there and we have a lot of fun. The Multicultural Office has been particularly great to me. It’s really a great university with wonderful people.

What do you do for fun at Creighton?

When I’m not studying, I spend my time playing basketball or just hanging out with my friends. I’m also involved with the Native American Association at Creighton, which helps with fundraising for the annual powwow at that the university holds.

What do you remember most about Red Cloud?

Our class was a close-knit class with really outstanding, committed teachers. I especially remember, and admire, Gina Ferguson and Elizabeth Ellington, for everything that they did to help me get where I am today. If it weren’t for them and the alumni who came into our classes and encouraged us to go to college, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, and experiencing the success that I’ve achieved.

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