Summer 2011 Red Cloud Country

Among the Lakota people, gratitude is one of the seven basic virtues. Another is generosity. Red Cloud is humbly grateful for your generous prayers and gifts that provided: 

Courage to dream

It takes courage to follow your dreams when everything around you says, “Why try?” Yet Red Cloud graduates are going to college in record numbers with confidence and competence to follow their dreams. Wopila!

Light in the darkness

Darkness comes in many varieties if you are living in America’s second poorest county: few jobs, inadequate health care, poverty and addiction. With your help, children and families are finding ways to follow the light. Wopila!

Healthy meals

A nutritious breakfast and lunch help the children to grow strong and healthy. And a special Easter dinner too as a treat! Wopila! Heat during extremely cold weather. Record cold, unprecedented flooding, blizzards and thunderstorms. Through it all, safe buses transported children to school each day and warm classrooms greeted them because of your caring. Wopila!

Brighter futures

Each day at Red Cloud means a child is one more day closer to a brighter future. You are making those futures possible. Wopila!