Spring 2011 Red Cloud Country

Among the Lakota people, gratitude is one of the seven basic virtues. Another is generosity. Red Cloud is humbly grateful for your generous prayers and gifts that provided: 

Heated classrooms

As arctic winter temperatures and wind chills set record lows on the Pine Ridge, you helped to keep the classrooms warm when the heating bills hit record highs. Wopila!

Provided safety

In the winter, it is too cold for children to stand by the road to wait for the bus. You provided the extra fuel so the buses were waiting for them and could transport them safely to school. Wopila!

Fed children

Many children come to Red Cloud not just hungry to learn, but just plain hungry. Each day they were greeted with a hot breakfast and healthy lunch because you cared. Wopila!

Brightened futures

Every day at Red Cloud means 600 children are one more day closer to a brighter future. You make this possible. Wopila!