Sunrise by Tiana Spotted Thunder

Spring 2011 Red Cloud Country

I didn’t believe it all at first
Because I always thought the worst
I couldn’t trust my own belief
I just wanted some relief
When my hope seems to go down the drain
I look up and remember your name
When I feel like I’m fallin’ apart
I hold you more dear to my heart
I’ve felt it all, despair, anger, loneliness,
Tangled and smothered in my own hopelessness
Because I slept through every sunrise
I was up late surrounded by my own tears and cries
I realized the importance of prayer
And that He was always there
The grandfather that gave me life
I let go of my inner strife
And then I met you
We soared and we flew
You showed me things I never knew
And that it’s all true
I can be happy
I think of your ears that listen to me
And the voice that gave all the wisdom and peace
To my mind you gave me the seed
To help me grow and help me to succeed
I didn’t believe it all at first
Because I always thought the worst
When I got rid of the negativity my mind opened to new possibilities
I realized no one should give death a test
Or end up in Regional West
I found the beauty of my soul
I just needed Tunkasila to keep me whole
When I give Him my prayers it all floats away
In mid air it vaporizes and makes way all because I keep my faith
Treasure it all there’s not a moment to waste
I’ve spent too many lonely nights
Searching for what wasn’t right
I’ve reached my spiritual height
So now I’m here to spread the light
I am your sunrise and you will all start anew
Despite the grievances that were handed to you
The Creator is there he will heal you
Cause He feels you
He’ll bring out the real you
And He’ll kneel to you and say,
“No need to cry, because I am shielding you up here in this everlasting sky.
Look to the East, I am the light from the rising sun, and I am in the souls of everyone.”