Fall 2011 Red Cloud Country

Among the Lakota people, gratitude is one of the seven basic virtues. Another is generosity. Red Cloud is humbly grateful for your generous prayers and gifts that provided: 

Summer programs

Summer days are hot and may not be safe for children who have little to do. Your caring allowed them to have healthy meals, gain stronger reading and math skills, stay safe and have fun. It also encouraged students like Franklin Sioux Bob ’11 to travel to Washington, D.C. to intern at the National Institutes of Health. Wopila!

Strong hearts

It takes courage to stay on the Red Road and ignore the alcohol and drugs that detour too many lives on the reservation. You helped the kids stay on the path toward a bright future. Wopila!

Future graduates

This year’s graduates enjoyed the congratulatory cards you sent. They are now studying at prestigious colleges like Stanford University and Creighton University. Your caring helps ensure that the doors to Red Cloud, and a brighter future, stay open so that today’s kindergartners are tomorrow’s college graduates. Wopila!

Books, notebooks and pencils

When students rushed through the doors of Red Cloud’s three schools this fall, you made sure there were textbooks and school supplies in the classroom to greet them. Imagine all the learning that’s occurring because of you! Wopila!