Our future begins with you

Fall 2011 Red Cloud Country

Last summer, Red Cloud Indian School hosted its first all class reunion. And alumni from decades ago flocked to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to reflect on the past, and marvel at all that changed. They recalled teachers and priests who made an impression on their lives. They spoke of difficult studies, about pranks on classmates, on lessons learned. They talked about their hopes and dreams for the future. They were all so proud of their alma mater.

Today, Red Cloud Indian School stands as a beacon of hope for Native American children and families on the Pine Ridge. And that light shines beyond the reservation’s boundaries—in homes and colleges and businesses all across the country.

Certainly, the school first envisioned by Chief Red Cloud and the Black Robes (Jesuits) back in 1888 has not just withstood the test of time, but has blossomed in ways perhaps never imagined. Their hope became ours. And that hope has been realized.

Now is the time to take a look back—to reflect on that 123-year journey. It is also time to look forward. To re-envision the future. To dare to dream. To share new ideas. And to determine a clear and confident direction. Under the leadership of Fr. George Winzenburg, S.J., Red Cloud’s administrators and the board of directors, the organization began a strategic planning process this fall.

Guided by the Jesuit tradition of reflection and mission-driven efforts, the strategic planning team will gather together circles of people from Red Cloud, the local community and across the country who are committed to pastoral ministry, education and the arts. Together, they will envision an even better tomorrow for the parishioners, students, teachers, artists, volunteers and friends who are the very heart of our mission.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all the years of fulfilling our mission at Red Cloud, it is this: the unachievable is achievable, the unimaginable is imaginable, and the wildest dream can surely become a reality.

Today, we ask you to make your voice heard, to discern, to pray and to act with us. Behind our giving form is an opportunity to share what’s important to you as we continue our ministry.