Fourth graders experience Black Hills Symphony 

posted on January 24, 2012

Red Cloud and Our Lady of Lourdes’ fourth grade classes had the unique opportunity to experience The Black Hills Power Symphony Safari on Wednesday, January 18th. The trip enabled students to listen to the music of a live orchestra as well as see firsthand the many types of instruments that make up an orchestra, from the cello to the violin.

Prior to the trip, the fourth grade class from Red Cloud wrote about their favorite instrument and favorite piece of music in order to prepare themselves for the experience. During the symphony performance, the students could see all of the instruments in action. “The students liked how the instruments moved in sync with another,” said fourth grade teacher Gretchen Lees. “For example, during “The Sound of Music” song, all of the players of the violins, all twenty-two of them, moved bows up and down and up and down in perfect rhythm.”

Red Cloud Indian School is grateful to RCIS board member Steve McCarthy for connecting Red Cloud to this fantastic opportunity. “I am really grateful for all those who helped to make this experience possible for the students,” said Fr. Peter Klink. “ It expands the imagination of the students and invites them to see what beauty can happen when we use the gifts that the Creator has given to each one of us. It was a powerfully beautiful experience and the faces of the students really lit up when the instruments of the symphony filled the theater and our lives with their music.”

According to The Black Hills Power Symphony website, “Every January, the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra presents a Symphony Safari concert for all fourth grade students in the Rapid City Area Schools. This concert to introduces students to the sights and sounds of the orchestra while teaching them acceptable behavior in a traditional concert setting. This concert is also meant to give students an insight on the type of instrument they may choose to play in the next year of school. Several students are selected to come on stage and conduct the orchestra during several pieces. Many older high school students who play in the orchestra are available to talk to the younger students and inspire them to make music a part of their lives.”

Hopefully our young students from Red Cloud and OLL will be inspired to make music a part of their everyday lives as they continue on their educational journey.