Red Cloud High School cheerleaders win Lakota Nation Invitation cheer competition for third straight year

Senior Taylor Morgan named to all-tourney team

posted on December 22, 2011

The Red Cloud High School Cheerleaders have much to celebrate this Christmas break for the third year in a row after being named the 2011 Lakota Nation Invitational Cheerleading Champions in the Non-stunting Division.

Senior and Co-captain Taylor Morgan was also awarded an All-Tourney Jacket for her leadership on the court.

“The competition was very exciting. I felt like we had a good routine and I was excited to share what we had,” says Taylor Morgan. “Being back-to-back champions, we knew we had to work our butts off to compete with the other teams. We focused on being on time and enthusiasm because any team can have an excellent routine, but timing and getting into it is what makes the dance complete.”

Cheered on by their coach Jen Schaer, nine other cheer teams and a Civic Center audience, the girls performed a dance to a mixture of songs using their high-flying kicks, impressive hand gestures and beautiful smiling faces to win over the judges for their third consecutive win.

“I’m so proud of my teammates for all the hard work that everyone put into this dance,” says Brenna Banks, a senior and Co-Captain. “We’ve been practicing for weeks and it just feels amazing that all the hard work finally paid off.”

During the four-day Lakota Nation Invitational and competition, the Cheerleaders of Red Cloud High School were also responsible for the upkeep of the crowds’ enthusiasm during the eight boys and girls basketball games.

“The girls worked hard and did a great job all weekend. I am just so proud of all of them,” says Cheer Coach Jen Schaer.

The 2011 Lakota Nation Invitational Red Cloud High School Cheerleading Team includes Tayler Morgan, Brenna Banks, Charlie Cuny, Sierra Concha, Kylie I'atala, Christi Sioux Bob, LaShell Poor Bear and Carlee Janis.