Red Cloud middle school football team goes undefeated

posted on October 25, 2011

Red Cloud’s Middle School Football team has remained undefeated. Out of six scheduled games they have won 5 having to forfeit the first game due to lack of eligible players. The forfeit was a wake up call for players to progress in the classroom as well as come to school on time. According to Red Cloud’s Policy, a player must be on time to school the day before and of the game, for eligibility. To help with their role as students, Red Cloud has a mandatory 30-minute study hall after school for all players. Something Red Cloud coach, Kevin O’Brien is in favor of.

“After going through a 1-6 season a year ago, these kids have really stepped up and taken on the challenges they face on the football field and in the classroom week after week," says O'Brien.

The team has several returning seventh (Daveon Provost and Mike Hernandez) and eight graders (Kobey O’Rourke, Justin Mesteth, Dylan Tobacoo and Tyler Wright) who have displayed strength and leadership. Sixth grader Buckey Salway has also showed a great deal of leadership as a returning player. The team has had big wins over the 2009 and 2010 Bigfoot Conference winners.

“[This is] an accomplishment that shows how much these kids have improved from a season ago,” says O'Brien. “If this team continues to give the effort they have in practice for the remainder of the season, not only will they accomplish great things this year, but great things at the high school level.”

The players have had an encouraging and supportive staff to help them along the way. Jacob Franks is in his second year as the line coach. Byron Bear Robe is a first year assistant coach who assists the defensive backs and wide receivers. Both coaches come from successful Red Cloud High School football teams and know what it takes to play at the high school level. This has aided in the success of the players and team.

The team enters the Big Foot Conference playoffs on October 27, 2011, which is single elimination. Every team makes the playoffs so they will be guaranteed one post-season game.