Red Cloud High School students earn iPad2 after completing 'Build a Computer' Program through SDSM&T

posted on December 8, 2011

Eleven students at Red Cloud High School are now the proud owners of the coveted iPad2 after recently completing the American Indians Science and Engineering Program - Build A Computer Program through the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology out of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Selected by AISEP- Build A Computer Program Coordinator Royia Nrmcir, based on their current academic performance and applications, the eleven Red Cloud High School students spent two whole days in the program building and programming a desktop computer from the ground up as part of the AISEP-Build A Computer’s mission to encourage science and technology as possible careers after Native American youth.

“This is the second year that Red Cloud has had students participate in our program but because of the amount of interest this year, we decided that we would have a session here on campus, rather then have them drive all the way to Rapid City for a build,” says Royia Nrmcir, AISEP- Build A Computer Program Coordinator at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

During the two-day event, computer science students from SDSM&T taught the students from Red Cloud High School how to build a computer and about all the components that went into a computer.

“It was a very interesting and exciting experience to learn about the inside of a computer and to be able to learn how a computer is built,” says Red Cloud Junior Christian Phelps. “This program was pretty cool and I think that the goals that are set for us will only help us to become better students.”

As part of the AISEP- Build A Computer Program, the participants must promise to maintain good grades for the rest of their high school careers, which also includes taking and passing Trigonometry, Chemistry and Physics classes with a grade of a C or better. The participants must also attend Study Hall on a regular basis and they must also attend any future builds at Red Cloud High School in exchange for the iPad2 that the students received Saturday for their participation.

“These are some of the most enthusiastic, dedicated and on-task students that I have ever met,” says Nrmcir. “They should have no problem continuing with the program’s guidelines. Our primarily focus is to give these students an idea of what college life is like and hopefully introduce them into some possible careers. It doesn’t matter where they go after high school. We just hope they go somewhere.”

The AISEP- Build A Computer Program will continue to follow the participants for the remainder of their high school careers, at which point, if the students have held up their end of the program’s agreement, the program will give each participant $300 to use towards their college books.

This year’s participants were Cassandra Black Horn, Ryan Hussman, Savannah Jensen, Kirkland Ross, Chantel Roubideaux, Christi Sioux Bob, Bianca Spotted Thunder, Cecelia Two Lance, Samantha Weston, Christian Phelps and January Tobacco.