Photo, Video and Interview Requests

Sharing the story of our organization and the people who have helped it blossom into the leading Native American, Catholic organization in the country is something we are proud to do. We make every attempt to accommodate photo, video and interview requests with local, regional and national media whenever possible. We ask that you please follow these guidelines before your story:

  • Please contact the Communications Department by emailing to set up an interview with any staff member or student at Red Cloud Indian School. Given the nature of our work with students, we ask that you respect their privacy and follow our parental permissions procedures.
  • Reporters are asked to use the complete name of our organization, “Red Cloud Indian School,” in all print and broadcast stories.
  • Advance notice of any and all on-site interviews is necessary so that we have sufficient time to secure a location, notify teachers or students who may be impacted and schedule the appropriate interviewees for your story.
  • A Public Relations employee must accompany all reporters, videographers and photographers at all times on our campus to protect our students’ privacy.

Red Cloud Indian School can make historical and present-day photography available for professional use. Requests can be made three weeks in advance of your deadline by contacting the Communication Department. Credit for the use of photos must be given to the photographer as well as Red Cloud Indian School. Whenever possible, we ask that you include our web address with this information: While there is no fee for usage of photography, we do appreciate a donation for our continued work.

Thank you for your cooperation with these policies and procedures. For more information, contact the Communications Department.