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Red Cloud Students need encouragement now more than ever.

Be one of the first 100 new monthly donors by March 31 and your gift will be matched for the next three months!


Educating 600 Lakȟóta kids.
Poised to take on the world.


Our Vision

Red Cloud champions intellectual and spiritual growth, and Lakȟóta culture—language, ceremony, and visual arts—to create transformational opportunities for our Oglala Lakȟóta community.

GPR Report Update Statement

During the week of October 16th, a forensic excavation was conducted in the basement of Drexel Hall to further investigate an eyewitness testimony of potentially unmarked graves. Mahpiya Luta - Red Cloud is thankful for the eyewitness's courage to step forward and share their testimony.
The purpose of the forensic excavation was to investigate two anomalies that were found through ground penetrating radar technology in May 2022. In October, the excavation team investigated the entire area surrounding the two anomalies by digging and surveying the soil. The first anomaly was related to building products (mortar for laying bricks and nails). The second anomaly was related to animal activity (several places where rodents burrowed). The FBI and community members were present and involved throughout the duration of the soil survey.
To be clear, no human remains were found in the soil survey.
There will be an official report produced by the excavation team led by Marsha Small (Northern Cheyenne) and her team at Ohio Valley Archeology, once a final examination of soil samples from the site has been analyzed. As soon as the report is made available to us, we will post it here and make it available on our social media.

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Kindergarten Round Up

Details on scheduling testing time and contact information.

Stand Tall Magazette

Spring 2022. Stories of Red Cloud Schools, The Heritage Center, Pastoral Ministries.

Red Cloud Indian School transition to a 36-hour work week.

Pine Ridge, SD – Starting January 9th, Mahpiya Luta | Red Cloud Indian School, Inc. will join a growing movement of organizations moving away from a 40-hour, five-day work week model.

Father Arturo Sosa’s Visit

Fr. Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, traveled from Rome to visit.
He came to experience first hand how the Lakhota and Jesuits are working together in missions on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations.

Red Cloud’s Stories of Service

Red Cloud’s Alumni have participated in various acts of service. Meet Red Cloud’s former alumna AmeriCorps member who is also a founder of the nonprofit Gen7!

Red Cloud's Planning Study Results

The results from the Red Cloud Capital Campaign Planning Study are in!

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Red Cloud Students need encouragement now more than ever.

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