Announcing the 49th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show Award Winners 

July 12, 2017

Shoshone Madonna II by Daniel McCoy, winner of the Br. CM Simon, SJ Award, artwork to be use for publicity for the following year’s show. 


The Red Cloud Indian Art Show is a juried competition, awarding over $7,000 in prizes in 24 different categories. With over 80 artists and 150 new works, it is our pleasure to announce this year's winners:



Division I - Painting

1) Gordon Coons - Four Ravens
2) Patrick Joel Pulliam - Facing the Winds of Change

Division II - Drawing

1) Keith BraveHeart - Dog Soldier & Granddaughter
2) Wade Patton - Ridge

Division III - Graphics

1) Roger Broer - Whole Crowd of Supporters
2) Keith BraveHeart - Pte

Division IV - Photography/Computer Generated

1) Willi White - Boy Who Looks to the #Future
2) Jaida Grey Eagle - Can’t Drink Oil

Division V - Mixed Media

1) Jim YellowHawk - Red Cloud
2) Bryan Parker - Super Unknown

Division VI - Three Dimensional

1) Nelda Schrupp - Run Necklace
2) Ivan Knife - Quilled & Beaded Top Hat

Division VII - Contemporary/ Traditional Cultural Items

1) Hattie Dunham - Painted Par eche- Wounspe Wicaku Win
2) Kevin Pourier - Monarch Migration- Buffalo Horn Belt


Guests browse the art work during the special preview event for the 49th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show.



Br. CM Simon, SJ Award for artwork to be use for publicity for the following year’s show

Daniel McCoy - Shoshone Madonna II

The Joëlle and Nicolas Rostkowski Award for the best abstract painting

Jennifer White - The Distances We Will Go

Diederich Award for young artist whose work shows the greatest improvement

Mikayla Patton - 1, 2, 3, 4

Diederich Award for the best depiction of a traditional Lakota

Martin Red Bear - Plains Warriors

Diederich Landscape Award for the Black Hills / Badlands, no human figures

Galen LaRoche - Mahpiya Below Ridge

Diederich Landscape Award for lakes, mountains, prairies, no human figures

Jimi LaPointe - Northern Fires

Savage / Zuern Award most innovative use of traditional methods and techniques

Molina Parker - Say Wut!

The Bonnie Erickson Award for the best representation of children

Angela Babby - Forget Me Not

The Francis Hornikel Award for artwork depicting the best sense of humor

Charles Her Many Horses - Carousel Cowboys & Indians

The Aplan Award for the outstanding young artist

Dustin Twiss 

In Honor of Jim Gillihan Award for the realistic rendering of a Native American on horseback

Gale Running Wolf Sr - Blackfeet Buffalo Warrior II

Oscar Howe Memorial Award for the best abstract painting

Rueben Iron Horse-Kent - Winter Dragonflies

Allan and Joyce Niederman Award for the most traditional painting

Gale Running Wolf Sr - After the Storm

The Powers Award for the best representation of Native American women

April Holder - That Look

Tony Begay Memorial Award most explicit development of an Native American theme

Gerald Yellowhawk - In Honor of American Horse

The Bill and Sue Hensler Award for the traditional representation in sculpture

Mikayla Patton - Starffulo

The ML Woodard Award for the painting, drawing/sketch depicting the most developed Native American theme

SunRose Iron Shell - Classic Love


The Red Cloud Indian Art Show opened on June 4 and runs until August 13, 2017. It is free and open to the public seven days a week, with free daily tours offered of the gallery as well as Red Cloud’s historic grounds. For more information, visit www.redcloudschool.org/artshow or contact The Heritage Center at 605-867-8257.  

View the full Artist Directory HERE.


Photos © Red Cloud Indian School 


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