Water is Life in Our Art

A New Documentary Film by Red Cloud’s Fourth Grade Class

For the Lakota people, both water and art can serve as medicine—something that is essential to human life.

This new documentary film—conceptualized, directed, and edited by members of Red Cloud’s fourth grade class—explores the sacred quality of both water and art in Lakota communities. The student filmmakers interviewed Native artists, including painters, beadworkers, sculptors, and more, to understand what drives them to create their work and how water has inspired them.

This original film was made through the Our Community Story project, an initiative of The Heritage Center’s Education Department, which focuses on bringing the arts into Red Cloud’s curriculum. Through this hands-on learning experience, fourth- and fifth-graders lead the filmmaking process to explore their history and community and deepen their experience in storytelling, a traditional form of learning for the Lakota people that ensures knowledge passes from generation to generation.

This filmmaking project was made possible with generous support from the Black Hills Area Community Foundation and Running Strong for American Indian Youth.



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