Weaving Together Two Spiritual Traditions

For Fr. Peter Klink S.J., who has served at Red Cloud as an educator, administrator, and minister for over 40 years, the weaving together of Catholic and Lakota spiritualities is what makes Red Cloud truly special. Honoring both spiritual traditions in its approach to education and compassionate service is the very reason why Red Cloud has been able to make a significant impact in the lives of students, families, and community members across the reservation. And today he is leading a new Mission and Identity Initiative designed to inspire a deeper, renewed commitment to Red Cloud’s unique spiritual character, heritage, and purpose.

“Our Lakota Catholic spiritual identity has guided our work in educating youth in a way that emphasizes both competence and compassion—so that we can help our students pursue their own dreams while also living their lives in service to others. And it has also guided our work in our parishes to support and nourish families and communities across the reservation—and in honoring Lakota and other Native art through the work of The Heritage Center,” explains Fr. Peter. “It’s truly the reason why we do what we do, in the way that we do it.”

In this new video, learn how Fr. Peter works with staff and students across campus to strengthen and sustain Red Cloud’s unique spiritual identity.



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