What Your Gift Becomes at Red Cloud

February 8, 2018


Every time someone gives to Red Cloud, that gift turns into something extraordinary—the kind of education that can transform a life.



Growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Red Cloud students face the harsh realities of poverty. But each morning, our school buses travel hundreds of miles across the reservation so that our students can learn, grow, and thrive—and pursue whatever their dreams might be.



A Red Cloud education begins in our warm, vibrant classrooms—where students take part in academic and cultural activities led by nurturing staff and volunteers.



Every student from kindergarten through high school learns the endangered Lakota language, the foundation of Lakota culture, to ensure it survives for future generations.



And every student receives breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack, so their minds and bodies have the fuel they need to learn and grow.



Red Cloud’s rigorous STEM curriculum prepares students for future careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.



And intentional counseling gives provides students with the support they need to overcome the challenges that face them—going beyond traditional school guidance to address trauma, conflict, and loss.



The result? Today Red Cloud’s graduation rate stands at 94 percent. Almost 100 percent of Red Cloud students pursue higher education. Most are the first member of their family to attend college.



All this is what your gift becomes at Red Cloud. It takes more than $12,000 per year to ensure each Red Cloud student can benefit from our programs—from academics and meals to books and transportation. And we simply cannot keep our doors open and our lights on without you. Join us today, and change a life on the Pine Ridge Reservation.



Photos © Red Cloud Indian School



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