Giving Back to Her Classroom

January 30, 2018



Red Cloud eighth-grader Justina Pourier loves to read. So when she was presented with the opportunity to donate a large collection of new books to her own middle school classroom, she jumped at the chance.

“I didn’t think it would be so many, just a few boxes. But once they all arrived, we realized, that’s a lot of books!” said Justina.

Justina worked with her uncle to locate the collection of books, which are now shelved carefully in the classroom of Pam Lliteras, one of her favorite teachers at Red Cloud Indian School. They were gathered from schools and libraries in Idaho that no longer had use for them. They eventually made their way to Wyoming, and then on to Pine Ridge—where Justina finally had a chance to see them all together. And she was shocked to discover how many books had come all that way.

In fact, it was more than 10 large boxes—hundreds of books, include everything from textbooks to novels. Justina’s brother helped haul them into the classroom, and then they started to fill the bookshelves, one by one. Her teacher, Pam, was overwhelmed by the gesture.

“Justina loves to read, and takes her academics very seriously,” she said. “She is a wonderfully outgoing student.”

“You know when you have a teacher and you just know they are going to have an impact on you? That’s how Pam is—she’s just a really good teacher,” said Justina. “That’s why I wanted to donate the books to her classroom.”


Photos © Red Cloud Indian School



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