Seven Red Cloud Students Awarded the 2017 Horatio Alger Scholarship

posted March 10, 2017

Red Cloud seniors Connor Richards, Jacob Rosales, Taylor Brooks, Araceli Spotted Thunder, Savannah Jacobs, Atiana Janis, Alanna Holiday (not pictured), were all thrilled to learn they will become recipients of the Horatio Alger Scholarship. They are all looking forward to graduating this May—and to embarking on their college journey in the fall!

Each spring members of Red Cloud’s senior class wait patiently for news about the scholarships they hope to earn and the colleges they hope to attend. And last month, seven seniors received the exciting news they were waiting for: they will each be awarded a $10,000 Horatio Alger Scholarship to support the next steps of their education.

“Each one of these students has worked so incredibly hard to get to where they are today. They truly deserve to be recognized not only their academic achievements here at Red Cloud—but for their commitment to pursuing a college education that will propel them toward their dreams” said Clare Huerter, principal of Red Cloud High School. “We also couldn’t be more proud to be the South Dakota high school with the most Horatio Alger Scholarship recipients this year. It’s a testament to the strength of this community, the passion and dedication of our teachers and the resilience of each and every one of our students.”

The Horatio Alger Association began funding a range of scholarships for deserving high school student in 1984. Today it stands as one of the nation’s largest need-based scholarship programs, having awarded more than $125 million to over 20,000 students across the country. It focuses on supporting young people who have “exhibited determination, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity” and who are committed to pursuing a college education.

According to Nakina Mills, Red Cloud’s director of student advancement and alumni support, students who earn the Horatio Alger Scholarship must demonstrate more than academic promise. Eligibility is also based on a student’s leadership potential and involvement in community service activities. For Nakina, that holistic understanding of achievement aligns perfectly with Red Cloud’s approach to education.

“At Red Cloud, we’re committed to giving our students the space and opportunity to explore their passions and to devote time and energy to their community—in addition to learning all that they need to in the classroom,” said Nakina. “These seven students have achieved something really remarkable during their time here—and I know that will contribute to their future success, in college and beyond.”

Photos © Red Cloud Indian School


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