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Tracy Charging Crow handled her first set of teeth as a sophomore in high school. It was in that moment—on a campus visit to Creighton University—that she decided to blaze a path to a career as a dentist. From rigorous academic training to the challenge of working with nervous patients, Tracy’s drive and commitment to her goals has propelled her to success in her career. We sat down with Tracy to talk about her educational journey, her experience in the field of dentistry, and her advice for those students considering their own paths.

Thank you for visiting with us today, Tracy! I have heard you have a long-time connection to Red Cloud.

I am from Pine Ridge and Red Cloud is my family’s last name, so that is where many members of my family went to school. My younger sister graduated from Red Cloud, too, and my nephew goes there now. My most memorable teacher was actually my grand-aunt Marilyn Carlow who taught language arts in the middle school. I went to Red Cloud starting in kindergarten and, except for a year and a half away, continued until my graduation in 2002.

After graduation what was next for you?

I went to Creighton University to get my undergraduate degree and graduated in 2006 with a degree in psychology. I worked for two years and then went to dental school at Creighton University. I graduated in May of 2013 with my DDS. It was a long journey, but completely worth it.

How did you become interested in the field of dentistry?

I realized that going into the field of dentistry was a goal when I was a sophomore in high school. Red Cloud takes students on a trip to Creighton University each year and we went to shadow different professional schools. When we went to the dental school, I drilled on a set of mounted teeth and I just loved it. That was it!

Do you ever miss home?

Absolutely! Home is where the heart is. My mom and I promised each other that we wouldn't go more than 3 months without seeing each other. FaceTime and phone calls keep us connected.

What is next for you—say, in five years?

Professionally, still practicing dentistry. I'm full of ideas and tend to get restless, so I often consider taking on another career. If I had it my way, I'd be a dentist, interior designer, and involved with some type of espionage. Personally, I would like to be married with children.

What advice would you share with current Red Cloud students?

Well, I'm not one to sugar coat anything! Just ask my nephew, Timmy Waters! With that being said, I strongly recommend taking responsibility for who you want to become. Set some goals and achieve them one by one. Know that some may be more difficult to attain than others. You will have setbacks along the way. You may even doubt yourself, but perseverance will move you past any hurdle. To be completely honest, anyone can do what I do—it just takes commitment. 


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