OLL Honor Roll Students Enjoy Ice-Skating Field Trip

posted on February 8, 2013

Thirty-six students from grades 4 through 8 enjoyed a celebratory outing to the Roosevelt Ice-Skating Arena at the end of January after making it on the Honor Roll at Our Lady of Lourdes School.

The Honor Roll is made up of three groups: First Honors (GPA of 4.0-3.5); Second Honors (GPA of 3.4-3.0), and Best Effort (those students who were most improved but just shy of Second Honors.)

Congratulations to all Honor Roll students on a job well done!

Chase Baird, Tierra Baird, Jarron Bighorn, Deion Black Bull, Samaya Blacksmith, Marissa Brave Bird, Destrie Brewer, Arielle Clifford, Clancy Clifford, Mary Clinchers, Athena Cook, Layne Colhoff, Jasmine Derby, Jordan Derby, Beau Donovan, Cetan Cikala Ducheneaux, Kylie DuPris, Cash Ecoffey, Echo Ecoffey, Jasmine Fast Wolf, Mackenzie Gibbons, Maliyah Glade, Alexander Gomez, Jevon Hacker, Colter Iron Cloud, RJ Jensen, Audrey Kills Back, Stephanie Kills Back, Maioha Kingi, Clayton Lafferty, Chanda Lays Bad, Lyric LeBeau, Kaylee Lessert, Pte San Win Little Whiteman, Alaunna Metcalf, Francis Montileaux, Summer Montileaux, Ru Mu Yan Okiyan Moves Camp, Liana Nguyen, Ariahna Pettigrew, Amadea Pourier, Annissia Pourier, Chaylee Pourier, Emonee Pourier, Jeffery Pourier, Joaquina Pourier, Julia Reddest, Kylie Jo Richards, Asa Steele, Tarah Temple, Carrie Twiss, Joy Twiss, Mia Twiss, Calob Two Hearts, Lakiah Walking Eagle, Dylan Westover, and Angelique White Eyes!