The Next Generation of Lakota Leaders: Red Cloud Featured in The Atlantic Magazine 

August 03, 2017


In August, Red Cloud was featured in two deeply stirring articles published in The Atlantic magazine. Both pieces look closely about the ways in which Native youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation are using education to transform their own lives—and create positive change in their communities. 

In “The Real Legacy of Crazy Horse,” reporter Alia Wong writes that, “Young Natives today are starting to peel back the layers of that trauma and confront it in a meaningful way, largely through the pride that education is helping them cultivate.” Wong’s article features interviews with several of our students and graduates, who are part of a new generation of Lakota leaders preparing to bring about the “economic, spiritual, and social renaissance” that Crazy Horse promised. 



A Reservation Restored,” a stunning photo essay featuring images by South Dakota-based photography Kristina Barker, highlights the “young leaders who are confronting generational poverty, trauma, and cultural disconnection and using educational attainment as key to reclaiming Native identity and culture.”.



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Photos Courtesy The Atlantic/Kristina Barker


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