2014 Red Cloud Indian Art Show Winners Announced

posted June 6, 2014

The 46th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show is the largest and longest running Native American art show of its kind in the country. Since 1969, the Red Cloud Indian Art Show has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to The Heritage Center to view works by seasoned and emerging Lakota and other Native artists. The exhibition provides local and national Native artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery, often for the first time. This year, the Heritage Center will award $7,000 in prizes in seven categories and 17 special awards.

Merit Awards

Division I – Painting

1st - Micheal Elizondo Jr. – No-Wah-Wus (Sacred Mountain)

2nd - Edward Two Eagle – Manifest Destiny

Honorable Mention - Robert Freeman – Red Moon Lion

Division II – Drawing

1st - Micheal Elizondo Sr. – Here It Goes Again

2nd - Evans Flammond Sr. – Paha Sapa

Honorable Mention - Dwayne Wilcox – Under the Microscope

Honorable Mention - Leroy Janis – Land of the Hunted

Division III – Graphics

1st - Roger Broer – Bird on Head

2nd - Wamblee Looking Horse – Red Road

Division IV - Photography/Computer Generated

1st - Willi White - Subject 00017- Indigenous Women

2nd -  Jolynne Locust-Woodcock – Lilypads on Red Rock Lake

Division V - Mixed Media

1st - Angela Babby - Sicangu 

2nd - Charles Her Many Horses – His Hair in the Wind with Bubbles

Division VI -Three Dimensional

1st - Nelda Schrupp - Schrupp Breast Plate Rattle

2nd - Cecil Apple – Untitled (with arrows)

Division VI - Contemporary or Traditional Cultural Items

1st - Emil Her Many Horses – Fan and Purse

2nd - Nelda Schrupp – Schrupp Decroative Ceremonial Rattles (complimentary set)

Special Awards

Br. CM Simon, SJ Award:

for artwork to be use for publicity for the following year’s show

Charles Her Many Horses – Wind in His Hair with Bubbles

The Joëlle and Nicolas Rostkowski Award:

for the best abstract painting

Denton Fast Whirlwind – Eagle Catcher Returns

Diederich Award:

for young artist whose work shows the greatest improvement

Mikayla Patton

Diederich Award:

for the best depiction of a traditional Lakota

Denton Fast Whirlwind – Rides Under the Red Blizzard

Diederich Landscape Award:

for the Black Hills / Badlands, no human figures

Wade Patton - Plum Sky

Diederich Landscape Award:

for lakes, mountains, prairies, no human figures

Jackie Sevier – Evening on Badwater

Savage / Zuern Award:

most innovative use of traditional methods and techniques

Alicia Mousseau - Drum

The Bonnie Erickson Award:

for the best representation of children

Jon M. Tiger – Sister Love

The Francis Hornikel Award:

for artwork depicting the best sense of humor

Howard Blue Bird – End of the Trail

The Aplan Award:

for the outstanding young artist

Willi White

In Honor of Jim Gillihan Award:

for the realistic rendering of a Native American on horseback

Gale Running Wolf – Blackfoot Warrior

Oscar Howe Memorial Award:

for the most cutting edge artwork

Sina Bear Eagle – This is not and Indian

Allan and Joyce Niederman Award:

for the most traditional painting

Gerald Yellowhawk - Warrior

The Powers Award:

for the best representation of Native American women

April Holder - Grandma

Tony Begay Memorial Award:

most explicit development of an Native American theme

Leroy Janis - Origin

The Bill and Sue Hensler Award:

for the traditional representation in sculpture

Cecil Apple – Untitled (with staff)

The ML Woodard Award:

for the painting, drawing/sketch depicting the most developed Native American theme

Jack Sabon – Oh, That Meeting! (Redux)