Students Start Strong at Lakota Nation Invitational, Win Lakota Language Bowl

posted on December 19, 2013

The sun had only been up a few hours on Wednesday morning before the sound of powwow drums could be heard echoing down the hallways of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. The 37th Lakota Nation Invitational started strong with a Theča Wačhípi Okȟólakičhiye powwow and hand games tournament, followed by the start of the Lakota Language Bowl and the first round of Crusaders basketball games.

In a blaze of energy and skill, the girls’ basketball team took their first win 66 to 20 over Lower Brule. “The players were confident and ready,” says coach Amanda Carlow. “It was a great game to start the tournament off and we are looking forward to tomorrow.”

 Boy's Basketball Brackets        Girl's Basketball Brackets

In the early afternoon, Red Cloud impressed the growing crowd with a three win streak in the Language Bowl to beat out McLaughlin 15 to 1 in the final round, giving the team their second title in a row at LNI. “I think we were really well prepared,” says Colton, a senior on Red Cloud’s language team. “The education from Red Cloud has prepared us to speak the Lakota language, whether we are at a competition or not, and I think that is why we succeeded.”

And the good news didn’t end there. The boys basketball team faced the Crow Creek Chieftains in their first game of the tournament to the sound of cheering fans and with memories of last year’s championship game on their mind. With a winning score of 76 to 50, Red Cloud Indian School is off to an amazing start!



What are Red Cloud Staff most excited for?

Fr. George Winzenburg, President:

“I’m really excited to see the students play ball and for the knowledge bowl and business plan competition.”

Matt Campbell, Social Studies Teacher

“LNI is just a great time for all the schools and for everyone from the reservations to get together. It’s great to see everyone here and happy.”

Robert Brave Heart, Sr., Executive Vice President:

“I’m hoping to see a successful tournament and everyone having a good time. It would be really nice to see at least one, if not two Pine Ridge teams in the playoffs!”

Mike Sunderland, English Teacher

“This is the first LNI that I am not coaching basketball, so I’m excited to see all the artistic and cultural events that I usually miss!”

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Images above, Left, Randy Hughes '15, Right, Lakota Language Winning Team