Red Cloud is Sole Winner in Big Foot Basketball Tournament

posted on December 17, 2013

Congratulations to all three of the Red Cloud Elementary School basketball teams!

Just a few days ago, C-Team Coach Claire Dille stood at the sidelines, her eyes shifting back and forth between players as they made a final rush for the basket. Little Wound School’s C-Team, which had been picked as the top seed, played well, but ultimately lost the match to the Crusaders.

Red Cloud’s B-Team, coached by Ken and Jenny Franks, was the top seed and also beat Little Wound School for the second year in a row, making them back-to-back champions.

“I am one proud athletic director!” says Randi Gibbons, who also teaches computer courses at Red Cloud Elementary. Randi was completely elated when she heard about her team’s third and final win. Red Cloud’s A-Team, led by Dawn Hernandez, beat the undefeated Loneman School team to win the championship, making it the first time that Red Cloud took all three titles.

“I think having a great coaching staff is key,” says Randi. “Dedicated people who take time out of their busy lives to come down here to coach these students makes a real difference for them.”

Randi says that she’s incredibly proud of her student-athletes, who worked hard both on the court and in the classroom. “They have to make the grades to stay on the team, because our eligibility criteria is so high,” she says. “So it comes down to having good grades, and I’m extremely proud of these students and what they accomplished!”


Back Row: Claire Dille (coach), Madison Hernandez, Paisley Sierra, Joece Murdock, Sharissa Haas

Front Row: Elizabeth Whalen, Nicole Hussman, Marsha Janis, Angelina Garnier


Back row: Jeila Schuh, Ken Franks (coach), Maya Franks, Griffey Holy Elk, Tristine Cross Dog, Kiana Whirlwind Horse, Jenny Franks (coach)

Front Row: Crystal Stands, Tayler Holiday, Jordianja Clifford, Alyssa Merrival, Shaynna Red Owl


Back Row: Aaliyah Provost, Harley Salway, Payton Sierra, Ashley Ferguson

Front Row: Tycara Crazy Thunder, Lessanes Goings, Ashlee Red Cloud




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