2013 Red Cloud Indian Art Show Winners Announced

posted on June 06, 2013

The 45th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show is the largest and longest running Native American art show of its kind in the country. Since 1969, the Red Cloud Indian Art Show has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to The Heritage Center to view works by seasoned and emerging Lakota and other Native artists. The exhibition provides local and national Native artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery, often for the first time. This year, the Heritage Center will award $7,000 in prizes in seven categories and 17 special awards.


Division I - Painting

1st - Charles Her Many Horses - Iktomi: Hand Drum Solo   
2nd - Nelson Chasing Hawk  -  Tani Tani      

Division II - Drawing

1st - Donald F. Montileaux - Seven Lakota Guides   
2nd - Evans Flammond Sr. - Ready for the Parade      

Division III - Graphics

2nd - Roger Broer - Never Really Alone       

Division IV - Photography / Computer Generated

2nd - Angel White Eyes - Tangled Fringe, Rant   

Division V - Mixed Media

1st - Henry Payer -Worrier       
2nd - Henry Payer - Starburst       

Division VI – Three-Dimensional

1st - Donovan D.  Brown Sr.- Lakota Toka'la (Kit Fox Society) Sash Wearer    
2nd - Charles Her Many Horses- Tasunka      

Division VII - Contemporary or Traditional Cultural Items

1st - Emil Her Many Horses - Eastern Sioux Style Beaded Parasol and Fan    
2nd - Evans Flammond Sr.- For My Best Friend 


Br. CM Simon, SJ Award:

for artwork to be used in publications in the following years show

Hoka Skenandore - Frankie Sez Relax

The Joëlle and Nicolas Rostkowski Award:

for the best abstract painting

Charles Her Many Horses - Iktomi: Hand Drum Solo

Diederich Award:

for young artist whose work shows the greatest improvement

Venaya Yazzie - Desert Sisters

Diederich Award:

for the best depiction of a traditional Lakota

Evans Flammond Sr - Storyteller

Diederich Landscape Award:

for the Black Hills / Badlands, no human figures 

Angela Babby - Rosebud Three 

Diederich Landscape Award:

for lakes, mountains, prairies, no human figures

Galen LaRoche - Wakinyan Kiyelo

Savage / Zuern Award:

most innovative use of traditional methods and techniques 

Bryan and Molina (Schweigman) Parker- Baby Cradle

The Bonnie Erickson Award:

for the best representation of children 

Jennifer White - Indian Girls

The Francis Hornikel Award:

for artwork depicting the best sense of humor

Hoka Skenandore - Frankie Sez Relax

The Aplan Award: for outstanding young artist

Angel White Eyes

In Honor of Jim Gillihan Award:

for the realistic rendering of a Native American on horseback

Marty Cuny - Journey to the Little Bighorn 

Oscar Howe Memorial Award:

for the most cutting edge artwork

Henry Payer - Worrier

Allan and Joyce Niederman Award:

for the most traditional painting

Joe Pulliam - Tunka Sila, Wakan Tanka....... bring back the spirit of the Tokala, that the people will have the COURAGE and WISDOM to face the enemies we still face today. Hau, Mitakuye Oyasin

The Powers Award:

for the best representation of Native American women

Charles Her Many Horses - Portrait of Dr. Lucy Reifel

Tony Begay Memorial Award:

most explicit development of a Native American theme 

Sandra Wescott-Gauthier - Small Victorian Purse 

The Bill and Sue Hensler Award:

for the traditional representation in sculpture 

Donovan D. Brown Sr. - Kiowa Tdie-Pei-Gah (Gourd Dance) Leader

The ML Woodard Award:

for the painting, drawing/sketch depicting the most developed Native American theme

John Isaiah Pepion - Holy Otter Woman

Photos: All Rights Reserved ©Red Cloud Indian School