Our Lady of Lourdes First Graders
Honored by Sanford Poison Center

posted on May 30, 2013

Competing for the third year in a row, first graders at our Lady of Lourdes won the Sanford Poison Center’s competition for raising awareness about the dangers of common poisons.

The Sanford Poison Center, a part of the Sanford Health system, sponsors an initiative for first grade students aimed at increasing knowledge about how to stay safe from poisons, even when dangerous products are present in their everyday environment.

During the competition, Mrs. LeaAnn Buskirk’s first grade class participated in an array of awareness-raising activities. The students worked to identify different forms of poison, colored posters for the hallway in the school, and held a class discussion about how to keep younger family members and household visitors safe from poison.

Judged as the competition’s winners for the quality of their activities, the students all received a “Fun Box” containing blow-up balls, sunscreen safety kits, Sanford Poison Center cups, pencils, and more. Their teacher, Mrs. Buskirk, received a travel bag and a Poison Center coffee mug.

Photos: All Rights Reserved ©Red Cloud Indian School