Middle School's Crusaders Win Big Foot Conference with Season Record

posted on March 28, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to the Red Cloud Middle School Crusaders on an amazing season! In the Big Foot Conference Basketball Tournament, the Crusaders A Team won the Championship with a season record of 9-0!

Also setting a record, The Crusaders C Team also took the Championship over American Horse in the final game with an overall team record of 6-3!

Last but not least, the Middle School Crusaders' B Team took the Runner up place in a great game against Little Wound Middle School for the Championship spot.

"I'm one proud and happy Athletic Director!" says Randi Gibbons after the results came in. In addition to the wins, Will Garnier '17 was awarded Tournament MVP with an amazing eight three-point shots in the championship game! Daveon Provost '17, Braedon Rodriquez '17, and Bucky Salway '18 were recognized as All Tournament players. And further still, Ale Rama '19 was awarded "Mr. Hustle" while both Rama and Castor Blacksmith '17 were recognized as All Tournament players for their teams.

Big Foot Conference A Team Champions
Back Row: Coach Charles Provost, Braedon Rodriguez, Manuel Yellow Horse, Bucky Salway, Daveon Provost, Michael Briseno
Front Row: Christian "Dede" Rodriguez, Cody Martin, Duran ThunderHawk, Will Garnier, Deuce Martin
Big Foot Conference C Team Champions
Left to Right: Manuel Garcia, Jayden Giago, Jeremiah Whalen, Riyen Carlow, Ty Morgan, Duane Ross III and Coach Chuck Ross