St. Thomas More High School visits Red Cloud Indian School as Part of Ongoing Exchange

posted on March 17, 2013

by Sierra Concha
Senior, Red Cloud High School

On Wednesday, Juniors at Red Cloud Indian School hosted St. Thomas More (STM) High School students and met their pen pals that they have been writing over the past few months.

Kylie I’atala ‘14 enjoyed the visit. “I met a lot of new people,” she said. “I liked when we went on the tour around campus and they were in awe; they said it was pretty cool.” 

The students from each school were given an opportunity to experience a different culture and were exposed to students from another school. The exchange also allows students to gain new friendships. Kylie I’atala said she liked her pen pal. “She was super duper nice! We had a lot in common,” she exclaimed.

This exchange happens every year, and it has been a success every time. Many students have stayed in touch with their pen pals and are able to see them at common sporting events. 

The students also attended a mass as well a trip to "the cave," which many STM students found exciting. Brad Held S.J., the spiritual formation teacher at Red Cloud High School, accompanied the students during the visit. He was very positive about how the exchange went. “The STM visit to Red Cloud went very well.  The students very quickly mingled with the aid of some good icebreakers in the field house,” Held continues.  “A number of students commented on the ease with which they were able to speak with their pen pals.” 

Held believes that the Juniors gave a good sense of who they are at Red Cloud and what they are about, citing a number of positive reactions from the students. For many, it was definitely the highlight event of the week at Red Cloud.

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Photo: Students during exchange.
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