Colton Sierra '14 Recieves Writing Award

posted on March 8, 2013
by Sierra Concha '13

Colton Sierra '14 was named runner-up in a reservation-wide writing competition.  

When Colton learned of the competition’s assignment—to highlight an inspirational woman in one's life—he immediately knew what he wanted to write. 

“I wanted to show my appreciation to my mother,” he said.  "I just wrote it from the heart.” Upon entering the competition, he solely wanted to highlight his appreciation for his mother and expected nothing in return. 

Colton believes his mother is the definition of perseverance. “She was a teen mom, had four kids after that, and went off to finish her bachelors and masters degree. She’s working on her doctorate degree,” he said. “Those [people] don’t come around often.” 

Ashley Boone, Colton’s English teacher, made entering the competition an in-class assignment, and five other Red Cloud students entered as well. “I thought it was a good chance to reflect on female role models and practice writing,” she said. Receiving an award wasn’t the goal, but simply a way for students to express their inspiration in a productive and creative way.

Boone explains that Colton is a great student, and this award highlights his dedication. “Colton is a very animated and motivated student,” she stated. “He takes his assignments seriously and it shows in his writing.” Students across the reservation entered in the competition, she continued, and this is a great honor for Colton.

The award was given to Colton on Thursday, March 7, at Red Shirt School in Hermosa, SD. Boone is proud of the award Colton will be receiving. “I am excited that one of my students has been recognized for the amazing work that all my students do every day in class,” she said.  Colton has represented Red Cloud very well in this competition. Congratulations! 

 Original story by Sierra Concha found at Mahpiya Luta Times (student High School blog)